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  • Sabonit zeit soap factory and shop in the old city of Nazareth

    In the reality of technological developments, and a large amount of skin care devices, there are those who still prefer  natural materials. This is exactly what the owners of the "Olive Soap - Sabonit zeit" factory knew and started producing soap from different oils.

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Sabonit zeit factory

The Sabonit zeit factory opened at the end of December 2022, and in an interview with the owner, Adnan Kanj, he talked about the importance of maintaining the healthy habits of our grandparents, and oil soap was an integral part of it, in addition to the fact that soap and its production are part of Palestinian folklore.

100% natural oils

What makes Sabonit zeit factory unique is its reliance on the natural ingredients that make the soap, 100% natural ingredients. Adnan Kanj takes care not to introduce chemicals into the soap at all.

Sabonit zeit factory and shop

The Sabonit zeit factory and shop is located in the old city of Nazareth, in front of the Vitrage guest house, street 6083. At Sabonit zeit factory and shop you will see handmade work. We recommend that parents take their children to visit the factory and learn about the soap making process.